Making money from Messenger

Making money from the Internet via Messenger is the easiest way to profit from the Internet without capital and interest of beginners and professionals because it is 100 percent free and it can be paid in the month $ 500 and more.

Marketing: We explained to you that it is one of the easiest and easiest ways to profit easily.
All that is mentioned in the explanation is enough to achieve all the desired money. So start now! Before tomorrow, as I told you before the way is still new and guaranteed profits and that know little way, especially in the Arab world so faster before the spread of this method or that Facebook blocked this method through updates make earning through this strategy is not available and not available to anyone



If you are not a professional and do not have any capital to start your career in profit from the Internet, I will share with you an exclusive way you have not heard before and not touched by a friend but this method depends mainly on marketing and profit money through Messenger and you may be surprised how to win from Messenger! But my brother and friend distinguish this method that it enables you to win tens of dollars without the need for capital and the way is similar to marketing Amilat, but better and much easier for several reasons.

Marketing via Messenger is much better than marketing in Emails, how so

For marketing via Messenger, this method is 100% free because your dealings are with Facebook and when the message reaches the person clickthrough rate exceeds 50% and this is very excellent if we compare it in the first way, and in your knowledge brother that everyone creates an account in The Facebook platform may stay with him all his life as the statistics say, owning him once will be his lifetime


Earn more than $ 500 this way

Working in this way depends on two basic steps, the first is to collect the lists of people targeted and then added to your Messenger program, you have to create your list of the Messenger account by creating an interactive Facebook page and linked with an automatic program to send people and send They have Messenger messages in a way that you have programmed in advance, and there are several programs that provide this service paid, so you rely on a free program manychat, which allows you to automate programming automatic transmission of the participants in your page for free and without disturbing the people


In order to ensure the success of the method you have to collect your list first and that you give them a good price that makes them agree to send your page without problems and therefore engage in your bot and you have to offer them something special is usually paid and offered to them in a free way.
An example of this is a page about cooking that invites people to email you through page messages and give them a free book.

The second thing is to send people through Messenger and make money by promoting offers

This second step depends on collecting a large mailing list in your bot so that you will promote the offers to them. Here, of course, there are many areas of profit through the Internet more than 500 dollars a month, for example, you promote the offers of Amazon or

If you have a website or blog, earn money from Adsense, and a real example of a friend, earn more than $ 500 through the internet for free through this method, so he created a foreign page on Facebook about women’s clothing so he processed the page with a cover

Excellent and wonderful then activated by the work of a significant number of Postat daily and this made it interactive page and that by putting pictures daily for women’s clothing, according to experience, the women’s category more interactive than men in Facebook and although the page was very small did not exceed 2000 Lake But it was very interactive

After that, he wrote down a very important post and wrote a post in the form of an application, saying he would provide a comprehensive guide to the best clothes for 2018 in English, and then many of them By sending him a copy of their free copy of the directory and then all those who wrote it was added automatically to the bot of that friend, has won very large sums of money has been applied in different ways and profit through that because the rate of interaction and conversion conversion was very high All the people who have sent messages to them through the wilderness are enjoying themselves Bot rate was clicked and opened for more than 60 percent, which helped him get too many sales every time sends them to display as the picture shows.


The concept of marketing and e-marketing through the Internet

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