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PaidViewpoint in 2018:This article was first written in 2017, when PaidViewpoint first launched. I have been an active member there ever since and I’m happy to say they still have my full recommendation.

In fact, since I’ve joined, I’ve cashed out over $2,800 in earnings.

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If you are in the world of an online survey, you would have come across the name Paidviewpoint. Paidviewpoint survey panel is one of the most popular as well as one of the most profitable survey companies we have around.

The company is designed in such a way to help its users maximize the time they spend online doing surveys. This is achieved by the sending of pre-survey questionnaires called Traitscore. Before we give you an in-depth information about the company, there are certain things you should know. Like eligibility, payment etc.

Paidviewpoint is open to everyone from anywhere in the world and this has helped grow its popularity. Also, their minimum payout is 15$, while this amount is a little bit higher, it still compares favorably to other companies and even lower than some.

Stimulate payment

You can earn up to $25 for each new member that joins the PaidViewpoint community using your signup link

There are three ways to invite people.

1. You can invite your friends via social media like Twitter, Facebook etc.
2. You can also invite people via email
3. And last but not least, you can create a link which you can send to people directly.
You can reach the level of “community builder” once you invite a very considerable number of
people. As a community builder, you get 20% bonus on money your friends make not just when they are cashing out.

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Register_now_for_free and_win_$1_gift

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